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EcoDeeds was started in January 2019, out of a need to create and offer sustainable products for everyday use and with an objective to spread awareness about the rampant waste produced from single use products. After extensive research and having lived a low-waste style myself starting with investing in cloth diapers at the birth of my child in 2016, I realised the simplicity, affordability and the urgency in partaking in a lifestyle that leaves behind little to no waste.

If one was to follow activists and low-waste proponents on social media, one would think that India is accelerating towards becoming the cleanest country in the world. But this is far from the truth. Our daily routine is consumed by damaging single use products, the repercussions of which, we don’t even realise, are harming the environment. Whether it is our eating habits, our grooming or even our clothing, waste from all these seemingly harmless activities have a lasting effect on the environment.

EcoDeeds is an effort to bring down this waste by making sustainable products as alternatives to daily use items that are single use. As you will see in the shop, we avoid plastic in any form. These are long term purchases and each product is put together with care and a thought towards its end use.

Gargee Vasavada