Reduce your waste foot-print, one step at a time!

The Idea Behind The Initiative

EcoDeeds was started in January 2019, out of a desire to create and offer sustainable products for our everyday use and with an objective to spread awareness about the rampant waste produced from single use products. After extensive research and having lived a low-waste style myself that started with investing in cloth diapers at the birth of my child in 2016, I realized the simplicity, affordability and the urgency in partaking in a lifestyle that leaves behind little to no waste.

If one was to follow activists and low-waste lifestyle proponents on social media, one would think that India is accelerating towards becoming the cleanest country in the world. But this is far from the truth.

Our daily routine is consumed by damaging single use products, the repercussions of which, we don’t even realize, are harming the environment. Whether it is our eating habits, our grooming or even our clothing, waste from all these seemingly harmless activities have a lasting effect on the environment.

EcoDeeds is an effort to reduce waste generation by promoting earth-friendly products as alternatives to single-use and plastic products.

Our Vision

We envision a future that is less endangered by fast-paced consumer practices and more in tune with the natural environment.

Today’s children are tomorrow’s citizens and there is a race against time to secure a less threatening future for them.

Come join hands in this endeavour!

Our Mission

Making ‘Green Gifting’ cool and fun.

Encouraging the 3 Rs through our Party Rental Bank.

Advocating pro-environment practices through workshops and seminars.

Supporting low-waste living and lifestyle for all.

Our Approach

Do you know where your single use straws, ear buds, cutlery, bottles, bags, fishing nets, diapers, sanitary pads, razors, face masks and many other daily-use items that get thrown out regularly end up?

In landfills and in our oceans and this waste is a big cause of pollution in the air, water and soil. In addition, a dismal and heavily burdened waste management system means very little plastic actually ends up in recycling units.

There are eco-friendly products that are biodegradables or compostable. But their end result is that they still end up as waste in landfills.

Why not turn to reusables instead? Reusable products are long-term, can be washed and used multiple times, and have little effect on the environment.

While I have been a strong advocate for a pro-environment attitude since a young age, my own journey exploring the myriad ways in which one can generate less waste started in 2016 as a new mother. Handed only with an aspiration to retain less junk in the household, I ended up using tiny clothes handed down by cousins, cleaning up and using toys that others didn’t need anymore, creating a ‘stash’ of only 20 cloth diapers for 2.5 years of diapering. It became second nature that eventually led to the founding of EcoDeeds.

Reusables have been traditional to the Indian value system.

It is time to return back home and distance ourselves from the use and throw culture, if not for us then at least for the next generation.

At EcoDeeds, we believe in bringing reusables to the forefront in the fight for a better planet!

Go Green & Take a Step Towards Alternate Living!