Budgeting For a Low Waste Lifestyle – 3 Points To Go!

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One of the popular arguments I am met with when I advocate a low waste lifestyle is that it is expensive! It leaves me baffled and also confident and in awe of my ability to handle finance! Also, remember that it used to be THE way of living before it became a fashionable term. Ask your parents and grandparents.

First of all, a quick overview of a low waste lifestyle. It is a way of living that allows you to:

  • waste less
  • pollute less
  • keep natural resources clean (soil, water, air)
  • have more physical and mental space

Given that one is in a position to make choices and improve their lifestyles, there are some things to remember before we set out to plan a budget for low waste living. The main thing to remember is that it is a long term process. You can’t throw away what you currently own and replace it with greener alternatives. That is quite the opposite of ‘sustainability’. Secondly, anything rash and quick is only going to result in failure. So if you really wish to make meaningful changes, go slow.

A few things to remember about your green purchase:

  1. An expensive alternative, but a more long lasting and durable one than your regular OTC brand.
  2. Wholesome in that not only is it durable, but no second thoughts need to be given on how to discard the packaging and how bad the effect of it will be on the environment. (Most green options come in minimal, plastic-free packaging.)
  3. Return on investment in terms of longevity of the product; so you end up purchasing less over a longer period of time.

So there you go! Hope this encourages you to shift gradually to low waste living. I would love to hear your thoughts and comments below. Thanks!

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