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About Founder

I am so glad you stopped by! EcoDeeds is based in Bangalore and run by me, Gargee. This is currently a solo-run enterprise with the purpose of making a change in lifestyle.

I post-graduated with Economics in 2005 and have been an English language trainer. I have worked in the academic publishing industry and my interests have seen me get certified to teach ESL and get a diploma in French.

Along with running EcoDeeds, I am a mother and a trained classical dance teacher. I have lived abroad in two, polar opposite continents and derive much of my learning and openness from my experiences away from home.

Do you have any inquiries about our products, doubts about the lifestyle we advocate or just wish to say hello? I welcome you to get in touch through here!

To take a look at our products, go here. We are always updating our events. To register for workshops or to visit us at flea markets and festivals, visit the EVENTS page.