Green Gifting

Aim for gifts that are thoughtful, low waste and kind to the environment!

Are you an eco-warrior but intimidated by the idea of gifting a dear one something that you yourself would never value? Why settle for gifts that are tacky, come in a single use plastic wrap, are noisy and will probably not be used more than a couple of times? Every year, billions of gifts get returned unused and get thrown out. This adds to an already burdened and polluted ecosystem

As joyous an occasion a birthday party, an engagement ceremony or a wedding is, a critical eye will always come up with ways one could have used to reduce the amount of waste created at these happy occasions. Food wastage, balloons, party decoration, gifts…various sustainable alternatives available for each of these aspects.

Our GIFTING IDEAS are perfect for those returns gifts at your little one’s birthday, or as bridal favours for your lovely band of sisters on the most important day of your life!

This precious selection of gift combinations can be ordered in bulks of 5 and more.

If selecting a gift is not your strongest point, avail our GIFT CARDS!

Experience the pleasure and feeling of goodness as you spread the message of sustainability by making simply changes!