BRIGHT – Starter Kit

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A complete travel kit for the new normal! These kits are handy for campers, frequent travelers, hikers, foodies and children.

Reduce your waste foot print by refusing to use plastic and biodegradable cutlery.

The travel kit is a set of ONE  beautiful copper bottle and our popular personal cutlery pouches which contains:

– A spoon, a fork and a tall soda spoon
– A steel straw
– A coir straw cleaner
– A pocket with a small cotton napkin

The pouches are easy to carry and maintain as the they only require occasional spot cleaning.


– For the cutlery, make sure to remove at food particles before placing them back into the pouch.

You may wipe it clean with the cotton napkin you will have carried in the pouch or you may give a quick wash under the tap, if such a facility is available.

Once home, make sure to remove the cutlery from its pouch to give it a cleaner wash.

– For the pouch, only spot cleaning is preferred.

– Clean and dry the bottle after every use.


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